Network Security

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web application development is becoming increasingly complex and more rapid. DevOps is increasing the level of functionality and frequency of product releases. With application availability more important to the user experience than ever, web applications are becoming increasingly vulnerable, exposing enterprises to the risk of data breach and financial loss.

Radware’s WAF Service provides enterprise-grade, continuously adaptive web application security protection. Based on Radware’s ICSA Labs certified, market-leading web application firewall, it provides full coverage of OWASP Top-10 threats and automatically adapts protections to evolving threats and protected assets.

  • Full coverage of OWASP top-10 attacks
  • Automatically generates policies for new applications

  • Provides protection from 0-day web attacks

  • Single ‘pane of glass’ with unified portal and fully managed by Radware’s Emergency Response Team

Why Our WAF service is better?

Widest Web Application Security Coverage

WAF offers full web security protection including OWASP Top-10 coverage, advanced attack protection and 0-day attack protection by implementing both negative and positive web application security models.

Adaptive to Evolving Threats and Applications

Automatically detects and protects new web applications as they are added to the network through automatic policy generation technology.

Our WAF are available

On-Premises and On-Cloud

Whichever suit your organization.

DDoS Protection

Industry-leading protection for all environments against today’s most advanced DDoS attacks

Guarantee Service Availability

Service availability is the cornerstone of the digital experience. Downtime leads to lost revenue, reputational damage, and unsatisfied customers. Data center protection whether on premise or cloud based, has never been more critical. Ensure service availability with agile industry-leading DDoS protection solutions which use automated and behavioural-based technologies to mitigate the largest, most complex DDoS attacks.

Zero-day Protection

Behavioral-based algorithm to accurately detect new and unknown advanced attacks

Global Coverage, Massive Capacity

Worldwide network with 19 scrubbing centers and 12Tbps of mitigation capacity

Flexible Deployment Options

Cloud services, appliances, and hybrid solutions

Advanced Attack Protection

From Burst attacks, DNS and encrypted attacks, Ransom DDoS and more

Fully Managed Security Service

Real-time support by Radware Emergency Response Team’s 120 battle-proven security experts

SLA for Mitigation in Seconds

Most comprehensive SLA commitment for detection, mitigation, uptime and more

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