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Laptop at workThe Pedoman networking team has seen the evolution of networking technology in Malaysia from TDM and X.25 technology in the late 80s, Frame Relay technology in the early 90’s, ATM technology in the mid 90s, to today’s IP based technology. Today Pedoman is distributing networking equipment that covers Data Center and Campus Ethernet Switches – GE/2.5G, 10GE, 40G, 100G, 400G, SD-WAN, WAN Link Load Balancing, Cloud, VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), 4G LTE router, Site Traffic Load Balancing, Enterprise Grade WiFi, Netflow traffic management, networking security such as anti-phishing, RMAP.

Pedoman Networks is committed to provide best technologically viable solution to its client and most importantly meeting the financial budget and addressing the strict requirement of the RFP (Request for Proposal). The company also believes that people are the core value of the organization.

Pedoman networking team has extensive experience in networking projects and have in place a standard set of proven methodology in the area of network design, network study, project management, project implementation, project documentation and post sales maintenance support in order to accomplish these tasks and deliver a good networking solution.

Highlight of hot technology and solution.

Data Center and Campus Ethernet Switches - Our solutions to data center and campus Ethernet switches support port of 10G, 25G, 40G , 100G and even up to 400G for more robust and support high capacity of bandwidth need. Our switching solutions are scalable, reliable and high performance. We are able to provide software driven cloud network as well which the platform are fully programmable which allow rapid, automated deployment and provisioning. At Pedoman Networks, we support and provision all types of network environment for your switching solution.

SD-WAN - Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) enable to easily control and manage your WAN. Our SD-WAN solution able to reduce the provisioning time as compare to T1 connection from MPLS by using this SD-WAN. SD-WAN solves these issues by providing a centrally orchestrated overlay network that allows a company to choose the best available network based on each individual location.

Link Load Balancer - Link Load Balancer (LLB) will be able to mitigate the issue of single point of failure. With the LLB, a single site could use multiple ISP link under the same appliance to ensure the maximum uptime and reduce the chances of downtime which impairs the company productivity and loss of connectivity which could cause money loss.

Enterprise Grade WiFi - Reliability and Centrally Managed WIFI are increasingly important in the enterprise environment. Our solution covers both indoor and outdoor access points as well as wireless controller. To reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, our solution could provide WLAN network management via cloud management.

Netflow Monitoring - Netflow Monitoring complements the current SNMP monitoring in which Netflow Monitoring enable to extract data details L2-L2 traffic. With this netflow monitoring, it can have more detailed information of the network in which conventional SNMP monitoring could not provide. The flow data formatted supported are but not limited to are: Netflow (v5 and v9), JFlow, sFlow, IPFIX.

SLB / ISP LLB - Server Load Balancer and ISP Links Load Balancer meant for load balancing multiple servers of same contents to improve overall system availability and enable taking selected server offline for maintenance purpose without interrupting overall system uptime, since the SLB will intelligently forward incoming user requests to healthy servers. IPS Link Load Balancer with high performance and port density will enable ISP link back up and load balancing. The same solution will provide SSL encryption for web application access.

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Network Security Solution

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Today’s borderless internetworking world, protecting important information is essential to any organization. Fundamentals day-to-day information and access to information is the key to maintaining the fiscal well being of every business. It is what a company’s reputation and business operations are based on.

Security in today’s heterogeneous IT environment requires a wide range of in-depth technical skills. At Pedoman Networks, we design and implement a complete set of solutions to secure your networks and keep it for the authorized users. The capabilities can be tailored to suit the security tolerance of the organization from simple intrusion detection to very high security requirements of government organizations.


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Network Intergration :-

Network design and sizing
Network consultancy
Network implementation
Project management
Pre-sales and post sales support services
Network maintenance

LAN, MAN, WAN/ Last Mile
Data Center and Campus Ethernet Switches – GE/2.5G, 10GE, 40G, 100G, 400G
Link Load Balancer LLB/ SLB
SD-WAN, 4G LTE Router
Enterprise Grade WiFi –
Network Security – Nexgen FW
Netflow Monitoring

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E1/IP, STM1/IP, Serial/IP Converter, Fibre Modem/ Mux, SHDSL Modem Wireless AP, POE Switches ISDN Back-up T3/E3 Converters Optical Infrastructure Fiber Patch Cord